Professional LPG Conversion in Shepparton

If you’ve been searching for a reputable establishment to make the change to a cheaper fuel, you can be sure we’re here to help you. At Ted Cahill Motors, we have had a huge amount of experience with LPG conversion over the years, and ensure faultless workmanship for every single one of our customers. Since 1983, the Ted Cahill business has been consistently delivering premium customer service and exceptional results, without the hefty price tag. So put your trust in us to get the job done.

Why go for an LPG gas conversion?

There are several clear benefits to undertake this process. For example:

First and foremost, it’s the savings you see at the pump. It’s significantly cheaper than unleaded, let alone premium unleaded. The highest average cost per litre (metro Melbourne prices) for LPG in the last two years peaked in January 2014, at around 89c. The same figures at the same time for unleaded were 189c. These costs, as you can imagine, add up over the months and years, and it won’t take long before your gas conversion starts to pay for itself in the savings you make.

Also, you’ll find that LPG gas is actually a cleaner burn than petrol. This means that the parts of your engine such as combustion chamber and spark plugs will remain freer of deposits of carbon (less wear and tear).

A complete list of mechanic services in Shepparton

At Ted Cahill Motors, we proudly offer a complete range of professional services for your vehicle. From clutch and brake repair to full servicing of new and used cars, wheel alignments to roadworthy tests and much more, come to us for the best service in Shepparton.

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If you can’t live without your car, make sure it’s in the best condition position with a service from our experienced team of mechanics. For further information, give us a call on (03) 5821 5806, fill in our contact form or send us an email at in**@te*************.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

"Awesome customer service, great work and very reasonably priced. I can't speak highly enough of this business and all who work there. I don't go anywhere else now."

- Megan Wickes

"Great Service, Awesome Cost and Top Staff... Thanks Amy & Heath"

- Dan P

"I found Ted Cahill Motors overall very professional! I felt heard & understood with any vehicle concerns to which Heath and his team efficiently resolved."

- suzanne farley

"Great Business with excellent proficient staff. They go above & beyond with care, service & friendliness. I would thoroughly recommend Heath, Amy & staff at Ted Cahill Motors."

- Janene Ross

“Heath and the team at Ted Cahill have always gone above and beyond to ensure our service has been second to none. We wouldn't go anywhere else, and we always recommend Ted Cahill to any friends looking for mechanic work."

- alycia bourne

"After having air con issues i took my car to the local dealership who quoted $5k to fix. I took my car to Heath for a service and asked him to have a look and to give me a price. He fixed the problem for just over $600 what a difference. Will never go through the dealership again. Have used Heath on a few occasions and always great service."


"I wanted to say a massive THANKS YOU to you all, you offer exceptional service and I appreciate the lengths you all go to ensure our fleet is always up and running in a timely manner Regards Aaron - Bonnetts Staff Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd."


"Great friendly staff. These mechanics really know diesels. Highly recommended for their quality workmanship."


"These guys are awesome - great service, nothing is ever too much trouble - 5 stars."


"I have bought 3 new cars in the past 12 years and Ted Cahill Motors serviced them all from the first service. I can't recommend these guys highly enough! Top quality, friendly and always ready to go the extra mile."